Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Wii Thoughts.......

-it's been a long time since I posted anything
-2009 was a good year for Wii, but 2010 has me really excited
-I still haven't purchased Dead Space, Muramasa, or King's Story: EPIC FAIL!!!
-I will get Tatsunoko and NMH2 very soon though
-I haven't been this excited about 2 games in a long time
-Rubik's Galaxy Rush for WiiWare is an incredible puzzle game especially at $6
-I've been impressed by WiiWare lately, and can't wait for Max and the Magic Marker
-I still haven't beaten the Conduit; I rarely played it honestly
-I was briefly addicted to Grand Slam Tennis
-I feel like developers have finally gotten what works on Wii; not mini games, but arcade style games
-I canNOT wait for NBA Jam Wii...EA don't disappoint
-it's about time we get a decent basketball game
-I purchased Final Fight 3 on VC and was disappointed, but what did I expect ..
-I also purchased SF Alpha 2 and was impressed despite the loading
-does anyone still purchase strategy guides since we can find everything online
-I actually purchased the Twilight Princess Hardcover strategy guide b/c I thought it was cool
I don't have anything else game related to say...

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The Dread Pirate Guy said...

Boy and His Blob is another winner. So is the Bit.Trip series. Blaster Master and Castlevania WiiWare are also just class acts.